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Today’s school lunches are not what they used to be. Back when we were kids, everyone got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a juice and a snack, all carried in our brown paper bags. These days, everything our kids carry to school is an extension of their personality, we know more about the importance of keeping food cold, and on top of that, we now have to worry about what we send in to school with them due to allergy concerns. So how do we address all of this while providing healthy lunches they will eat?

Well for starters, we think every child should have a lunchbox that is the perfect size, insulated, and looks adorable. These Steven Joseph Monkey Lunchboxes are a great start to the back-to-school lunches. They are not only cute but fully insulated to keep your child’s lunch cold longer, and have an extra front zipper pouch for your utensils and napkin. We have these available online at

Well that solves our first two problems, but what about the lunch itself? Sending lunches to school used to be so much easier. Nowadays, there are so many children with allergies that schools are forced to restrict what our school lunches can consist of. I think every one of us has at least one child that has a friend with a peanut allergy. So with all of these restrictions to our lunches, what can we do so it isn’t the same lunch every day while also following the rules?

Since tree nut allergies seem to be the most dangerous and the most talked about, a great place to start is to be informed and head to the food store prepared. Before you head off food shopping, we suggest you print a copy or save to your phone this complete list of tree nut allergies.

Bring it with you when you visit the food store for those lunchbox delicacies and check the labels of everything that will be heading to school. It is also a good idea to prepare a lunch menu for the week so you are not scrambling in the kitchen or having to run back out to the store last minute, while also eliminating any added chaos to your calm morning or bedtime routine.

We know with all of the hustle and bustle of buying supplies, back-to-school clothes, and finishing up the last drop of our summer vacations, the thoughts of lunches fall to the wayside. Since we understand that, we decided to make your transition to back into the swing of school even easier with a preplanned menu.

Now you are prepared to tackle this year with stylish lunchboxes that will keep your food cold and your kids eating healthy, and you are well informed and way ahead of the “what’s for lunch” question. Maybe this year, going back to school won’t be so stressful after all!